Mastering Infrastructure As a Code

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This course is designed to explain how to integrate Terraform, GitHub Actions, and Cloudflare to build and secure your infrastructure. The recipes from this online course can be applied to your day-to-day practices for managing infrastructure across any cloud providers.

Upcoming Video Courses
Mastering OpenTofu: from Zero to Professional

This online course designed to take you from a beginner to an OpenTofu expert. This course covers everything from the basic syntax of OpenTofu to the advanced features.
Everything explained based on practical examples.

Mastering Terraform: Certification
Exam Questions 2024

Prepare for the HashiCorp Terraform certification with typical exam questions and detailed explanations. This course provides practical examples and expert insights to help you understand and answer questions effectively.

Mastering Terraform: Best Practices

This is specialized online course designed to delve into the optimal use of Terraform in various scenarios. The focus is on teaching you the best practices for using Terraform, combining it with other tools, and making strategic decisions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

Mastering Terraform: Unit Testing

This online course focuses on a critical but often overlooked aspect of infrastructure development: unit testing with Terraform. This course is designed based on my extensive experience, recognizing the power of unit tests to prevent numerous mistakes and production issues. 

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